Artful Haiku Contest

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This March children in grades 3-5 can show off their talent in both poetry and art by submitting an entry in our Artful Haiku contest. Haiku use just a few words to capture a feeling or image in the moment, very similar to a camera capturing time in a photograph.

A Haiku may be drawn from nature such as this one.

Snowflakes are our friends,

They descend when winter comes,

Making white blankets.

Or it can capture a emotion. This Haiku is from Jack Prelutsky’s “If Not For the Cat”.

If not for the cat,

and the scarcity of cheese,

I could be content.

It can even  be funny and witty such as this one from Guyko: a Year of Haiku for Boys.

Icicles dangle, 

begging to be broken off

for a short sword fight.

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry consisting of 17 syllables.  The general format is five syllables in the first and last lines and seven in the middle.

The “artful” part of the contest is the original drawing complimenting the haiku poem. Art mediums allowed are pen, pencil, ink, charcoal, chalk or any combination. Photographs and computer-generated artwork will not be accepted.

 The winner will receive a $40 gift card, the runner-up, a $20 gift card and all entries will be displayed in the youth art gallery of the Main library for the month of April.

Contest forms are available in the library and are available online here.


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