The Spring Equinox and St. Patrick’s Day-After School Art

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Miss Julie and I did a dual craft today for After School Art. The first was to celebrate the spring equinox which is coming up on March 20th. The children learned that an equinox is an event, that happens twice a year, where day and night are exactly the same length. To celebrate this we made equinox cards. To construct these cards take two pieces of paper and fold them in half. Then glue one half of one piece to one half of the other piece.


What you end up with, as can be seen from this example above, is a tri-fold card. Miss Julie provided a plethora of not only color images, but also a coloring page, all showing day and night, that the children could pick from, to decorate their cards.


In addition, Miss Julie also brought two other sheets, which can be seen above, that the children could add to their cards. The first sheet in the middle of this card, had information describing what an Equinox is. The second, on the right of this card, was a poem by Joan Bransfield Graham entitled “Days and Years”

Days and Years

Earth is spinning

Toward the light,

First it’s day,

And then it’s night.

-Joan Bransfield Graham

This poem can be found in Bransfield’s collection Flicker Flash. Below are some examples of our Equinox cards.




Our second craft was a 3D shamrock to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. To make this shamrock begin by cutting a piece of green paper into four strips. Take your first strip and fold it in half. Then, using double sided tape or glue, tape one edge to the other. You can then fold this into a triangle so your shamrock has a base to stand on. Below is an example of the base.


To create the leaves on the shamrock take each of your other strips and, one by one, fold them into a heart like shape, again securing the edges where the heart meets in the middle with tape or glue.


Once you have made all three leaves tape one to the left side of the base, one to the right side of the base, and one at the very top. Below is an example of a finished shamrock.


Some of our children chose to add smaller shamrock leaves, in a lighter green paper, in the middle of the larger dark green leaves. These gave the shamrocks added flair. Others stuck with a single leaf. Below are examples of our shamrocks.




Below are some pictures of the children at Countryside showing their creativity with their Spring equinox crafts.




We had such fun learning about the spring equinox and making our shamrocks today!

-Miss Jessica



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