Let’s Go Fun in March

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It’s been such a fun month that I haven’t taken time to post some of the wonderful pictures from Let’s Go Baby Oh! on Monday mornings. We repeat many of the same activies and songs each week and here are some shots from this month.

This is from our opening snuggle up song “Baby Hop” from Diaper Gym. It get everyones settled in and cozy. As you can see, some of our parents have double time snuggling going on.

Let'sGo 008

We always end with our group closing song of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

Let'sGo 013

After the structured storytime we bring out the parachute for group play time. Some of our babies enjoy grasping the handles of the parachute to help keep it in motion. Some like to throw the inflatible balls on top and watch them shoot up into the air. And some enjoy hiding under the cloth and feeling the cool breeze blow on them.
Storytimes2014 042

Storytimes2014 034

This week I tried a new after program activity. Thanks to Read, Sing, Play: Adventures in Early Literacy for this fun finger paint activity. I poured bright colors of finger paint into large zip lock bags and taped them to our windows at the children’s level. Then we watched them squish, draw and design their works of art.




Ms. Mercedes


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