Instruments, Animals, and the Rumble of Thunder

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ImageWith the help of Conductor Grant from the National Orchestra of Wales, we learned about the different types of music in an orchestra!
The four sections are Woodwind, Strings, Brass, and Percussion.
If you click on the section names, it’ll take you to Conductor Grant and his Orchestra.

During the presentation, we all were given a different type of instrument, and when Conductor Grant told us about it, we got to place it up on the magnet board in it’s proper section.


On the left you can see we had 3 Strings up and 3 woodwinds, the fellow in green was puting up a Tuba I think, which is a Brass instrument. You can see the Brass below.
On the right, the colorful little girl in pink, blue, and orange is placing up a woodwind.

Learning about the Orchestra3 4March2014

Learning about the Orchestra4 4March2014

After our orchestra activity, we moved into our first story.
We have been reading some Pete the Cat books lately so we went back to the first one. This is the book that started it all.
Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin

In order to be fair to the dog lovers of the world. I told a Draw and Tell story called “Stick Man’s True Love”. This story was originally written by a child and posted on the Internet. I loved it so much that I edited and enhanced the original story and used the anonymous child’s original drawing to tell the story at my storytimes. Children are such glorious inspirations. Here is the drawing.
Stick Man's Dog

Each part of the picture is drawn seperately during the telling of the story and visually represents something in the plot.
If you would like a copy of the story just contact me or make a post here and I will contact you back.

So then we sang a song!

You can’t have Music and Stories without singing.

“Danny Bought a D-O-G” from Children’s Jazz Chants Old and New

Danny Bought a D-O-G,
Danny Bought a D-O-G,
Danny Bought a D-O-G, Oh Gee, Oh,
Danny Bought a D-O-G.

After that first verse you can replace the word “Bought” with any other verbs you or the children like that are appropriate like:
Walked, Fed, Lost, Found

We also sang “Little Dog Little Dog, What Do You Say?”

Since this has musical “rests” in the song just before you make the animal sounds, it’s a good choice to continue the teaching of  “rests” in musical compositions as well as for reinforcing animal sounds.

Other Books we read were:

No More Biting for Billy Goat by Bernette Ford
Stormy Weather by Debi Giori
Yellow Umbrella by Jae Soo Liu

See, we did get round to the Thunder that I mentioned in the title.

The Yellow Umbrella comes with a CD. The book is wordless but is designed to be “read” whilst the music is playing. I had the children help me tell the story based on what they saw and heard. They were very captivated.

In addition to these weather related books we sang weather songs.

Additionally, Yellow Umbrella includes a music score to be played and sung that has the same melodic lines as the CD.

I ended by singing an original number I wrote called “Rain and Sunshine”.

“…April holds the fate that becomes May…Come on now and give a shout to rain!”

-Mr. David

More piccies of us dancing and singing.

Doing the Robot 4March2014 Let's See Who Is Here Today 4March2014


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