Board Books and Early Literacy

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A good time to introduce books to your baby is about 4 months. At this stage they are becoming interested in objects. Babies explore through touching and grabbing and sturdy board books hold up to this without tearing. Babies also learn about their world using their hands and mouth so chewing on books is natural. At about 6 months board books are ideal because your baby will be able to hold the thick pages with his small fingers and try to turn pages back and forth. All of this is the first step toward reading.
Once your child is old enough to sleep with objects in their crib you can let them snuggle with their favorite board book. Erica S. Perl suggest this in a November 2011 Parents Magazine article. She writes that “It’s like a sufffed animal for her brain”.
Reading. Chewing. It’s all good.
Ms. Mercedes


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