It’s fun to “Moo”, but it’s also fun to be human

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This was from our Little Ones Music and Stories on 18 March 2014. We celebrated being the unique creations that we are. But before we got to that, we had to do our music lesson.

We studied the song “Warm Hands” which has a lot of syncopation, which means the rhythm doesn’t always fall directly on the beat.

So instead of having four quarter notes (notes with no flags), we end up with some notes that have dots after them, which means you hold them longer, and sixteenth notes with two flags which make them move faster.

I usually say that the flags are like sails on a boat and the more sails you have the faster it’ll move. It’s an easy way to learn basic note values for toddlers.

HERE is a link which has the sheet music written out and a sound file with the melody, so you can review.


These are the words for you to sing, but when we were practicing the rhythm, we used the second set of simple words below so we could just concentrate on rhythm. “Hold” was for the half notes. They are the notes that are clear in the middle instead of filled in. You hold them. Get it?

Warm hands, warm,
Thy men are gone to plough;
If you want to warm your hands,
Warm your hands now.

Clap Clap Hold,
Clapty, Clapty, Hold,
Clapty, Clapty, Clapty, Clapty,
Clapty, Clap, Hold.

Some of the other highlights were the book, INCREDIBLE ME by Kathi Appelt and the song, “Be the Best You Can Be”  by Jack Hartmann which goes right along with the book that celebrates being a unique and wonderful individual. If you click on the links you can reserve the CD and Book.

Another song we sang with dance movements was “It’s Fun To Be a Human” which was taken from the Dr. Seuss film “Hoober-Bloob Highway”. You can listen to the song from the film by clicking on the link above and fast forwarding to 3:00. The entire film is there so if you want you could watch the whole thing.


After we had loads of fun dancing and singing the joys of Humanity, we continued the celebration with the appropriately titled book, SMILE IF YOU’RE HUMAN by Neal Layton. It’s about some mixed up outerspace aliens who visit earth to catch a glimpse of a human.

I invited Miss JoAnne to stop by as well.

I was in the mood to sing some rounds and I needed someone else to lead the second group.

A round is where you divide into groups with each group singing the same melody, but starting at different times. They sound really intricate and complicated and beautiful but are actually pretty easy to do.

Many of you know “Row Row Row Your Boat”. This can be done as a round.

Not all songs are written in a way that this can be done, but if you need some new rounds, stop by the library and I can get some for you.

My new favorite is “Scotland’s Burning” which is from the book, ROUNDS ABOUT ROUNDS, edited by Jane Yolen.

I put up a link of “Scotland’s Burning” above where  three groups are performing it. They also used motions like Miss JoAnne and I did.




Here is a list of other books we used.

BABY SAYS MOO by JoAnn Early Macken

(Our Library has a tactile version with textured illustrations which is not only great for the visually impaired but for toddlers as well. Toddlers love to experience their world with all their senses.)



That last on is part of a series. It is designed for tandem or two people storytelling. It’s good for beginning readers to practice as well since an adult or more experienced reader can keep them going and give them encouragement as they are reading together.

Here is Miss JoAnn and I reading the poem “The End” together.


Also used during the storytime were the fingerplays “Five Fat Peas” and “Quack Quack Quack”.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon.

-Mr. David

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