Let’s Grow Baby-Oh! – All About Me and Bubbles

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Opening Song: We always start with the song Baby Hop. This is from Diaper Gym: Fun Activities for Babies on the Move,  a CD you can find in our circulating collection.  We then welcome all our babies by name in a song.

Story: Leo Loves Baby Time by Anna McQuinn.  Leo loves coming to Baby Time where he meets his friends, does the “stretchy” song and the “rolly” song and “zoom to the moon”.  All the things we do each week.

Active Nursery Rhyme:  Baa Baa Black Sheep. First we do the words and movements without music at a slow pace.
Baa Baa Black Sheep. Have you any wool? (Shrug and lift shoulders)
Yes sir, yes sir, (Nod head)
Three bags full (Hold up three fingers)
One for the master (Clap)
One for the Dame (Clap)
One for the little boy (Clap)
Who lives down the lane (Look out and shade eyes)
Then we repeat it again to music. I used the version from Songs For Wiggleworms which adds the ABC song at the conclusion.

Second Active Nursery Rhyme: London Bridge is Falling Down. Placing baby on the ground on their back we gently grabbed their feet and rolled their legs to the right and to the left. You can see an example of this in action here at point 1:06 minutes:

Book: Hop a Little, Jump a Little by Annie Kubler.

Knee Bounce: One, Two Three
One, two, three, baby’s on my knee (Bounce on each count)

Rooster crows, cock-a-doodle-doo (Continue bouncing)

And away she goes! (Lift child in the air.)

Bouncing activities not only help children sound out the syllables in words but the bouncing is beneficial to the development of the balance centers in the brain.

Second Knee Bounce: The Grand Old Duke of York, found on Oh Baby! 

Finger/Hand Rhyme: This is My Right Hand
This is my right hand, I raise it up high. (Raise right hand.)
This is my left hand, I touch the sky. (Raise left hand.)
Right hand (Show right palm)
Left hand (Show left palm)
Roll them around. (Roll hands around.)
Left hand (Show left palm)
Right hand (Show right palm)
Pound, pound, pound. (Pound first together.)
While bouncing rhymes helps with large motor development, finger/hand rhymes help children develop fine (small) motor skills which will be needed someday for writing.

Let's Go 010

Movement Song: Circle Song from Diaper Gym followed by Ring Around the Rosie.

Closing Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

AND THEN BUBBLES Let's Go 012        Ms. Mercedes


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